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There is no reason to feel too scared about thorium based nuclear power station: it is relatively clean, safe and reliable way to produce electric power. The fuel of the thorium based nuclear power station is typically plain uranium which does not need to be enriched to the same level as in typical fission based currently in use. The emission products can be used in the usage of the medical solutions and that part which cannot be used in such a way will radiate itself to relatively safe form in 500 years only. There are also claims that this 500 years is not enough - maybe 10,000+ year time frame is enough. The point is that thorium waste is easier to handle than current waste produced by fission power stations. This is something what can be assumed for sure. Internet has done bad for thorium reputation - many sources claim that it is a green imperative while others are perhaps more realistic. 

The legend tells that thorium power station plans were closed during the 1960’s when the people in charge decided that it will not be needed due to fact that it does not need enriched pollution for atomic bombs it is therefore not an important thing. However legends are legends and some sources claim that it may be possible to do such a weapon based on thorium reactor needs but it is more difficult to do this process.  But whatever the truth is  due to this idiotism we now suffer the side effects of the industrialization: the climate is heating due to CO2 emissions and also polluting due to many other forms of atmospheric waste. This is so sad that Thorium as an innovation is said to be fully functional unlike fusion power station experiments which will work probably far in the distant future only. No – we need a solution which works right now and Thorium power station is a good option we currently seriously speaking do have. Unless we want to go back to woods with our civilization nuclear power is perhaps only realistic way to prevent atmosphere pollution. 

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